Aspen Grove Photography was born in the mountains of Colorado. The natural beauty of the landscape and the quality of people have been the root and inspiration of our photography services. Aspen Grove Photography is led by Wendy, a woman who has a love of and passion for the outdoors and all it has to offer. Our services are focused on the use of natural lighting and natural settings whenever possible.

Our wedding photography is performed in a photojournalistic style, meaning we capture the moment rather than try to create it. We are quiet observers capturing the day while it unfolds as it may. The one subtle teardrop falling from the father of the bride or the quiet embrace of the couple are the moments we capture to last a lifetime.

Aspen Grove Photography serves clients coast to coast. Whether you are in the Green Mountains of Vermont, the Rocky Mountains of Colorado or on the Pacific Coast of California we are glad to fulfill your photography needs. We tailor each photo shoot for your specific wants and desires to provide a flexible, fun and relaxed experience for all involved. We look forward to capturing the special moments life offers us.